Yes, I can confirm that was tears from me on graduation day. To tell you the truth I got a bit emotional again when the story aired on 60 minutes.

I was nervous to see how our vision/program was going to be portrayed by the editors. I was interested to see what the kids feed back would be.

What I already knew, was it works.  I'd like to move this model throughout the Country. 

I was brought up to be independent, was taught to earn everything because you deserve nothing. I'm a proud man who has never had to ask.  However, when you have a formula that works, a formula which took sleepless nights, sweat and tears to achieve - true talk.  It's time to ask! 

People say it's amazing what I do and that more celebs should be giving back. I can see why they don't!  We have a program that works and we a very proud of it.  Yet getting financial assistance is almost near impossible! Yes, there are a number of initiatives out there all fighting for the dollar, understood. However, when people say youth obesity - 'big problem' as they roll their eyes. 

I hope they haven't given up on fighting this global epidemic because it's in the too hard box. The Steps for Life Foundation is run basically on love and a vision of making a dent into the beast known as obesity. 

I have always been a leader and motivator. After a decade of professional sports and assisting clients I have achieved some outstanding results. I believe working with our youth in the fight against obesity is my true calling. I am passionate about making a change where it is desperately needed.

The Monty Betham ‘Steps for Life’ Foundation has been established to deliver a programme that gives our youth the right tools and ‘steps’ required to fight obesity ‘for life’.