Saturday, 13 May 2017 - 6:30pm to 11:30pm

We are excited to announce that our 'Fight Against Obesity' charity fight night is back in 2017.

This is a Black Tie event with corporate contenders and celebrities all putting their bodies on the line through professional training and preparation for the big night.

1 in 5 NZ children are overweight and 1 in 9 are obese and these numbers are climbing. Our children are our future and it’s our responsibility to ensure that they reach their full potential and have a good start in life. Steps for Life are focused on empowering young New Zealander’s and their families to make real sustainable changes that will reduce the rate of obesity in New Zealand and enable our youth to reach their full potential in life.

This event will be a highlight of the year for many so why not join us at the Trusts Arena for a great night of corporate boxing to support the Steps for Life Foundation in our efforts to empower NZ youth and their families toward greater health.

With your involvement this event will be a huge success!


General Admission: $50.00 (plus booking fee)



Radio Host Fame from Mai FM has put his hand up and will be entering the ring for us in May!

Read more about it here >>>



Here are just a couple of our fighters' stories...

Shanna's story...

My motivation to get into the boxing ring is to prove to myself I am capable. People tend to underestimate my skills. At times, I have let their opinions affect me, leading to underestimating myself.  I have learnt that it's all about your mental game. If you are not in control of your mental game, you are risking everything. Monty says "Fail to prepare, prepare to fail."  I couldn't agree more, whether it is food prep or life prep.

As a graduate of the Steps for Life programme, I have been fortunate to have had my journey kicked started, emphasis on the kick. The Steps for Life team, have supported me like no other.  They are there for the triumphs and for the tribulations. The programme has equipped me with the skills to be able to make good choices around leading a healthy lifestyle. But also help me to understand why we make the bad decisions. The journey is continuous. If you fall off the boat, you can always get back on board.  A success for me was the decision to give up Fizzy drinks. I am proud to say to this day, I am still fizz free.

My journey, though challenging, is personal to prove to myself I am capable, and I have the mental capacity to endure.  Along with that, I wanted to support Steps for Life, for giving me the confidence to embark on such a great adventure.


Casey's story...

Kia ora,  My name is Casey Graham. I am the Mother of two beautiful children, wife to a wonderful husband, and a secondary school teacher of Physical Education to many awesome Rangatahi at Whanganui High School.

I was asked why I wanted to take part in raising awareness for youth obesity, and take on the challenge of competing in the Monty Betham ‘Steps for Life’ fight night on May 13th 2017, and the answer and reason behind why I took on this challenge was easy.

1 in 5 NZ children are overweight and 1 in 9 are obese and these numbers are climbing. Being overweight or obese at any age means a higher risk of developing diabetes, heart problems and increased blood pressure. This is not good for our young people, as our children are our future and the drain on our health system is huge. I have family members who suffer from diabetes and have seen first-hand the effects this can have.

Working with youth, and being a Mother of two was really my drive behind why I wanted to take on this challenge. It wasn't for myself, but for my own children, and the many students that I teach on a regular basis.
I also want to be a healthy, positive, Maori role model for my children, students and whanau. I wanted to show them that If I can challenge myself in this way, by getting in the ring then it might change the mindset and inspire one child, one parent, one family member to change and lead a healthier lifestyle. If I succeed at doing that, then I am definitely doing my part, and we will all be winners at the end of the day.


The Trusts Arena
65-67 Central Park Drive Henderson
0610 Auckland
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