Frequently Asked Questions

Young Adult Programme

You will be eating well balanced meals on a daily basis which will most likely still consist of some of the foods you currently eat. The general perception is that eating healthy costs a lot of money. We will show you that this isn’t true.

We are Auckland based at the moment. Workout sessions are run at Jellicoe Park in Onehunga and workshop sessions are in Manukau.

This is NOT a boot camp type programme. We take a holistic approach focusing on changing and maintaining healthy lifestyle habits.

As we require the family engaged in the programme having one sibling take part will benefit everyone in the household. However, we have had occasion where more than one sibling has taken part in the programme and this is reviewed case by case.

If there are no health concerns or worries approval from your doctor shouldn’t be required. We view each application case by case and if approval is required you will be told during the application process.

In order to take part in the programme attendance is mandatory so if you have other activities on you will need to make sure they will not interfere with your commitment to the programme.

We generally work with participants that find it difficult to live a healthy lifestyle and may suffer from the consequences of this e.g. health issues, excess weight. We do not have a set weight criteria and view each application case by case.

Everyone must attend sessions in their workout gear whether rain or shine i.e. t shirt and shorts or tracks and running shoes.

For workshop sessions bring along a pen and paper to take extra notes.

Attendance is mandatory and we run by a two strike policy. If an urgent matter arises and is discussed with us in advance we may be able to make certain arrangements.

There are three sessions per week: two exercise sessions with one of our trainers and one workshop session. It is mandatory that participants attend all three sessions. Parent/Guardians are not required to attend the two exercise sessions but MUST attend the workshop session.

It is Mandatory that a parent or guardian attends required sessions with the participant.

It is mandatory that the participant and their parents/guardians attend the full 12 weeks. We specifically ask that the parent/guardians that do the grocery shopping and cooking in the household be the primary person attending with the participant.

The programme runs for a period of 12 weeks.

We work with students that are currently in Secondary School, aged from 13 – 18 years. There is the odd occasion where we may accept slightly older participants that are still living at home with their parents.

The cost to take part in The Programme is $8.00 per week per participant ($96.00)