Angela Mills

As a family, the Steps for Life program has been life changing for both my children and I! We all learnt about the importance of eating right as well as the fitness, to help reach our goals.

Even my 3 year said at a party on Sunday, I can’t drink that coke; she goes I have Zero or water!!! So proud. And when they have anything new, both kids ask how much sugar in that!!!!

I can’t thank Chante, Jenny and Monty enough. Scott, who had a problem with bleeding kidneys for 10 months prior to the program, was given the all clear, and medication stopped within 6 weeks into the program.

For myself, I no longer have to take Blood Pressure medication, which I had been taking for nearly 18 years. Both of us, have benefited, by more exercise, goals, and being prepared as a family.

In our new way of life, we have so much more variety in our diet, mixing it up, has been awesome. We are eating a better variety and much healthier options. Plus it isn’t expensive. Especially when you cut out the junk previously been brought.

Thank you so much for making such a big difference! Good luck to the families coming up, I hope they get involved with their kids, because I believe the kids that benefited on our program, are the ones where the family support was evident! There is no point giving the kids a separate meal, all the family need to participate, otherwise they are just going to return to their old ways.

Good luck, and all the best for the future.

Angela Mills - parent