John's Story

Firstly, I would like to sincerely thank Chante, Jenny, Tina and of course Monty and to the many people behind the scenes who sacrifice their time and effort to spread the word and to help people escape the burden of obesity.

Wendy's Story

How did I become involved in this programme?  Jenny (SFL) talked me into it and I am so grateful that she did!  I tried to think of lots of excuses about why I didn’t have time but I knew that I needed to make changes in my life to develop a sustainable healthy lifestyle.  As a school nurse I need to be “practicing what I preach!”  Promoting the programme at school would be easier and more meaningful to the students if I had actually done it myself!!

Ana's Story

Steps for Life has taught me how to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle without the inclusion of a 'diet.' It has pushed me 10 steps closer to achieving my goal of feeling good about myself. My family and I most importantly benefit from the minor changes we make in our groceries such as changing from normal coconut cream to lite coconut cream. This allows us to continue making our traditional dishes while being kind to our health.

Ana – participant

Cherise’s story

‘Steps for Life’ is probably the best thing I have done for myself, period. It has taught me how invaluable your body is. I have also learnt how eating right and regular exercise can make you not only look a million bucks but make you feel a million bucks. The journey was hard to begin with (with completely changing my family and my life styles) but now, further down the track I am so proud of myself and my family for taking that first step as we are all a lot happier and healthier.

Cherise's Family story

Our journey began in April 2013 on the day Cherise came home from school and started to question me about any health issues that our family had. We have a history of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Cancer and type1 Diabetes in our family.  It was then that she told me that she needed to lose some weight or she would be suffering from type 2 Diabetes in the very near future. I was shocked. Cherise had always been on the large side compared to her brother and sister and we just accepted that that was how she was, it had never been a problem or health issue in our eyes.

Nicky Taggart

Onehunga High School was very fortunate to have eight students complete the Steps for Life Programme and from what I have seen it has truly changed the lives of these students. I have been involved with the programme as the student’s support person at school. I have seen two key factors involved with the success of the programme – the inspiration and motivation that they receive from Monty is huge.

Angela Mills

As a family, the Steps for Life program has been life changing for both my children and I! We all learnt about the importance of eating right as well as the fitness, to help reach our goals.

Even my 3 year said at a party on Sunday, I can’t drink that coke; she goes I have Zero or water!!! So proud. And when they have anything new, both kids ask how much sugar in that!!!!

Fiti's story

Our journey started off with Lose coming home from school, saying that she has been nominated to take part in the ‘Steps for Life Challenge’.  My first thoughts were, “okay what is this all about", as she always comes home saying these things and does not stick to them.  I was not involved with the interview process but as she came home after being selected, she was over the moon.  From there, I could see that she was quite serious but I was sceptical about what she was getting herself into.

Mary Sane

The benefits of my daughter being on the 'Steps for Life' program has trickled down not only to myself and the rest of her siblings but has been beneficial to her extended family, grandparents, aunts and uncles.  Steps for Life is a much needed program in a generation x era, where everything is 'instant' and the confusion of fad diets complicate our everyday existence.

Mary Sane - parent

George's Story

This testimonial is in support of Monty Betham, Chantelle, Jenny, Nicki and all of the wonderful support team who volunteers their time to run the “Steps For Life” program.

My Son George was accepted into the program in September 2013.  He was a young man of 14 who weighed 99kgs, a boy who struggled with motivation and with low self-esteem and who was worried about his body shape but did not have the tools or the knowledge to do something about it.