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Good communication is a key ingredient in maintaining a strong family. Our friends at Lifespan Counselling have outlined below a guide to explaining the different communication styles and strategies to more effectively communicate in our family relationships.

Responsibilities in the family
Everyone in the family has responsibilities, something for which they are accountable.

To look after our health we believe that it’s important to take a holistic approach which includes focusing on our physical and psychological wellbeing. As part of our 12 week programme our friends at Lifespan Counselling present workshops for our teens and their families to help with emotional fitness. One of the areas of focus is Self-esteem. Here are a few key points that you may find helpful.

We’ve all experienced it... maybe it’s when you’re bored, stressed, sad or tired and you find yourself heading for the snack machine or lolly jar. Whatever it is, it is a reason to eat other than hunger.

The 5 Stages of Change Model is very useful to outline the series of stages we go through to change our lifestyle habits. Changes do not happen in one step, but through a series of distinct stages. Just realising the stage of change you’re in may be helpful for you to succeed.