George's Story

This testimonial is in support of Monty Betham, Chantelle, Jenny, Nicki and all of the wonderful support team who volunteers their time to run the “Steps For Life” program.

My Son George was accepted into the program in September 2013.  He was a young man of 14 who weighed 99kgs, a boy who struggled with motivation and with low self-esteem and who was worried about his body shape but did not have the tools or the knowledge to do something about it.

As a parent I take my share of responsibility in allowing my son to reach this size and I had tried to motivate him to do more sport especially a winter sport but I also knew if I pushed him to hard he would rebel and that things may become worst.

This is where the “Steps For Life” program came into its own.  I had seen a documentary on this program at least a year or two before and was impressed with Monty’s commitment and passion in trying to eliminate our children’s obesity problem.  Some people are born leaders and motivators, people who have earned the right to be listened to and can command peoples respect.  From day one as the group came together they were left in no doubt that they would be challenged like never before and that there would be pain and sacrifice but if they stuck to the plan and set their goals, used each other to lean on and to motivate themselves then at the end of the 12 weeks they would be left lighter and fitter and with an informed understanding of diet plus exercise combined with commitment will equal success.

My son is a success story.  I am so proud of him for not only committing to and finishing the “Steps For Life” program but for continuing to use the things he has learnt to move forward.  Since finishing the program on the 23rd November, my son has lost another 2kgs in four weeks, his attitude has changed completely, he is more willing to exercise and participate and he is aware of the foods that are good and the foods that are not.  He is setting goals that a year ago were just an impossible dream but are now realistic goals and he knows in order to achieve these he will have to sweat and toil long and hard.  The very best thing though are the comments he now gets from his family, friends and their parents telling him how good he looks.  My son can barely contain his smiles and I can’t contain my pride. 

For any parent who despairs about their child’s weight, who wants to improve their well being and who wants to enlighten them and change their lives forever, there is a way to do this, get your child enrolled in the “Steps For Life” program and start them on their own journey.

John Day - Parent