John's Story

Firstly, I would like to sincerely thank Chante, Jenny, Tina and of course Monty and to the many people behind the scenes who sacrifice their time and effort to spread the word and to help people escape the burden of obesity. I first heard about “Steps for Life” through a 60 minutes documentary many years ago, my son George was in a bad way he was 13 years old struggling at school trying to find his way and of course over-weight, I knew deep down that this programme was going to change him and it did he lost 12 kilograms through the 12 week course but he did not only lost weight he lost his anxiety, depression and self-doubt, what he gained was confidence, courage, and independence in his own words “he just wanted to be like everyone else” (but I think he came out better) and today he is, he has lost even more weight he is doing well at school he enjoys performing on stage in school productions and in his band, and as parents we are very proud of the man he is becoming from the boy he once was.

As for my own story, I have been in denial for many years thinking yeah, I was a few pounds overweight but I can lose it if I wanted, it took me awhile and a frank look in the mirror to come to the conclusion that maybe I needed some help and was delighted when I found out that the programme that had helped so many kids was now available to us obese adults. As I’ve always said “you can’t talk the talk unless you can walk the walk”, so I embraced the programme and gave it 100%, it is very hard to change the habits of a life time but I have learnt to modify them enough so I can look forward to a healthier and hopefully longer life.

This programme works I have seen it, I have experienced it, and if anyone wants to change their circumstances, that is lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle, then this programme is for you. Trust me this journey is not easy and it doesn’t stop after 12 weeks, but nothing in this world is worth having if it does come easy, so I urge you to take that first step towards these “Steps for Life”.

John Day – participant