Jodienne Liuvae

Supporting my daughter on the Steps for life programme has been an awesome 12 week learning experience for myself and especially for my girl.  She has learnt so much from this programme.  Before the programme my daughter lacked so much - there was no confidence, motivation, exercise and her eating habits were poor.  But now she is a whole new healthier person all because of the programme.  Not only has she lost weight, she has also taken on a healthier lifestyle.  Thank you so much Monty and his team for the time, effort, love and support given to my daughter throughout the programme

Jeanette's story

I was very nervous at the interview! But everyone was so nice. It was a very humbling experience to walk into Steps for Life after being accepted on to the programme. I had to admit that as a health professional I was good at looking after others and giving them advice but not that good at looking after myself or my daughter. I had been emotional eating for a long time and have Type 2 Diabetes as a result. My blood pressure was high and I had lost a lot of confidence in applying for jobs. It was refreshing to be blatantly honest with the facilitators and be accountable.

Lizzie's story

Like my mother I was very nervous. I had heard that there were limited spots in the programme and that I might not get in. I had also been scared that no one would take me seriously. I gained a nickname within minutes - Chipmunk - due to my ability to speak like one. The interview went on and I began to feel positive. This strange lady (sorry Jenny) that I knew nothing about seemed willing to stand up for my rights. I started to think "maybe this is the time I lose weight and keep it off". A few painfully slow days later, Chante called to tell us that I got in. I was incredibly happy.

Alice Wulf

Thank you so much for the programme, for the12 weeks my son was on the programme I found it very useful and worthwhile for my son. Thank you for accepting my son into the programme and taking him on the journey of being fit and healthy and for of course him being happy about it. My son enjoyed the programme and it had a really good result on his lifestyle. I will definitely make sure that he will carry on with his routine of eating healthy and exercising regulalry. May the Lord Bless each and everyone one of you for the time and effort that you all put in for our kids.

Lose's story

Before I started my long journey throughout this programme my life had been hell all because the way I looked and how others around saw me. I got bullied at school not one day went by where I wouldn’t get called fat, ugly, worthless etc. The more these bullies called me those names I started to believe that what they were saying about me was true. This really affected my life and just took all the confidence I had left in me away. It got to the point where I wagged my classes just so I couldn’t face those bullies.

The Setu Family

We are so very proud of our daughter and her achievements. At first, she was very reluctant to join. But then with the first session in meeting Monty and especially the other teenagers, her own peers, she was more susceptible and open in participating.

The programme has been great! Educating our children and families about nutritional facts, alternative healthier options and implementing exercise to be a regular, daily lifestyle.

Mary Setu

My experience on the steps for life programme has been amazing.  I’ve learnt a lot from Jenny and Chante about nutrition and fitness and I’m very grateful for what I’ve achieved.  I’m especially grateful for Monty, for giving up his time to help me lose weight and teaching me how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Ruta Galo

My son who is 13 years old, was a member of the Steps for Life (Monty Betham) Programme. It was not only affordable, but also very rewarding for my son and our entire family. We no longer face the health problems that used to prevent us from participating in various physical activities. Moreover, with the good provision of resources we were able to leave the programme with on-going support.

My son benefitted immensely from the two-hour visits three times a week to the programme which involved physical activities, family discussions on living a balanced and healthy lifestyle.