Jeanette's story

I was very nervous at the interview! But everyone was so nice. It was a very humbling experience to walk into Steps for Life after being accepted on to the programme. I had to admit that as a health professional I was good at looking after others and giving them advice but not that good at looking after myself or my daughter. I had been emotional eating for a long time and have Type 2 Diabetes as a result. My blood pressure was high and I had lost a lot of confidence in applying for jobs. It was refreshing to be blatantly honest with the facilitators and be accountable. I also found I could stick to a calorie counting regime and enjoyed exercising with my daughter. The road wasn't easy as we broke habits but I did lose 4.7 kg as a result of sheer hard work and have still kept that off. Diabetes is getting there, BP is beautiful and am starting to deal with emotional issues.  I wish to take this opportunity to thank the Steps for Life team: as the song says: Monty, Chante, Tina, Jenny, Tai! for all their support and refreshing honesty appraisals and ongoing encouragement that helped us get where we are now. xo

Jeanette - Parent