Ruta Galo

My son who is 13 years old, was a member of the Steps for Life (Monty Betham) Programme. It was not only affordable, but also very rewarding for my son and our entire family. We no longer face the health problems that used to prevent us from participating in various physical activities. Moreover, with the good provision of resources we were able to leave the programme with on-going support.

My son benefitted immensely from the two-hour visits three times a week to the programme which involved physical activities, family discussions on living a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

The improvement in my son’s health has changed his whole outlook in life due to the realistic goals and successful strategies provided.  Our new-found perspective has enabled us to live life more purposefully.  Steps for Life has proven that making healthier choices is NOT impossible. We are living out the benefits of learning to make those choices today.

Steps for Life has helped create a solid foundation for success for my son and our family. Thank you - God’s abundant blessings Monty Betham and the Steps for Life Team.

Ruta Galo - parent