The Setu Family

We are so very proud of our daughter and her achievements. At first, she was very reluctant to join. But then with the first session in meeting Monty and especially the other teenagers, her own peers, she was more susceptible and open in participating.

The programme has been great! Educating our children and families about nutritional facts, alternative healthier options and implementing exercise to be a regular, daily lifestyle.

Our daughter has had a hard look at where she was, where she is now and where she wants to go.. And we can see the difference in her, in alot of areas. She has already decided that she wants to join the gym with her Dad and her friend. And she has told us that she and her school friends are challenging themselves and are going to be part of the St Marys Dragonboat 2012 team for next year!!!!!.. ooohhoo

She is so special to us and just being on the programme has helped her to realise that she can add more value to her life by being healthy, making better options, being active and enjoying it. She is a great influence to both her family and friends.

We know this is an awesome step for our young people and their families.  We thank Chante and Jenny and the rest of the support & admin "Steps for Life" team for all the time, research and resources made available.

Thank you, Monty, for the commitment you have made for our teenagers, in sharing your personal experiences, motivating and encouraging them and for the hard out training!!!

Thank you for equipping them with "Steps for Life"

God bless you all, in continued success for the future.

Eugene &  Hereine Setu - parents