Wendy's Story

How did I become involved in this programme?  Jenny (SFL) talked me into it and I am so grateful that she did!  I tried to think of lots of excuses about why I didn’t have time but I knew that I needed to make changes in my life to develop a sustainable healthy lifestyle.  As a school nurse I need to be “practicing what I preach!”  Promoting the programme at school would be easier and more meaningful to the students if I had actually done it myself!!

The team at Steps for Life are amazing!  They are supportive and encouraging but also expect 100% commitment which at times was hard when there are other things going on in your life.  I really liked that the programme focused on “being healthy” not “losing weight” and the end result would be developing good habits and a healthy lifestyle.

The 12 week programme went very fast.  Changing my eating habits and getting back into exercising regularly was a challenge at first but quickly became part of my routine.  Being able to fit clothes that I couldn’t previously, all helped with the motivation!

When I look back on this programme I would recommend it without hesitation.  It’s really challenging but life changing, and the positive gains far outweigh the challenges.  I want to give thanks to the SFL team for their commitment to helping adults and young people make positive changes to becoming healthy and happy!

Wendy - participant