Cherise’s story

‘Steps for Life’ is probably the best thing I have done for myself, period. It has taught me how invaluable your body is. I have also learnt how eating right and regular exercise can make you not only look a million bucks but make you feel a million bucks. The journey was hard to begin with (with completely changing my family and my life styles) but now, further down the track I am so proud of myself and my family for taking that first step as we are all a lot happier and healthier. I am extremely grateful for the whole experience as I am now travelling down the right road for a long and healthy life.

Troubles for me through the program were to not give up and just put it all in the too hard basket, and also the exercise, as I have never exercised that much in my life and I found it difficult to change into a physical lifestyle. I felt lucky going through the program as my friends were very supportive and encouraging of my change in life style. Sometimes it was hard to go out with friends as they would go and buy unhealthy food and I would have to stick to my guns and remember that I am doing this for me and to get something healthy and good.
I wanted to get onto the program as there is a long line of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and cancer in my family, and I wanted to lower my risk. Before I started on the program I was told by a doctor that by the end of 2013 I would have type 2 Diabetes, now I have decreased my risk of getting type 2 Diabetes by over 50%.

Now I have lost 30kg and I feel amazing. My favourite thing to do is to go shopping, as I can walk into any shop pick out something I like and buy it (whereas before I dreaded going shopping as I would only be able to buy clothes from specific shops). Now I find that I am very confident with my appearance, I am happy to go out and not care about how I look to other people.

The Steps team are amazing! I would not have been able to be in the position I am without them. They support you immensely throughout the program, and are there for support even after the program ends. I feel I owe them so much as without the support of the program I could have easily had type 2 diabetes right now and my family would have been obese and in a scary position health wise.

Cherise Barry - participant