Make your own snack mix

Awesome ideas for snacks which will help you feel energized!

What makes a great snacking combo?

Raw unsalted nuts

People often ask me which type of nut is the ‘best’ nutrition wise? The short answer – all of them! Variety is the best way to go here. Nuts are a combination of fat (40-75% depending on the nut in question), they also have a good amount of protein and fibre. They are VERY energy dense (meaning they have lots of calories/KJ in a small portion) but if you can exercise portion control they are an excellent source of nutrients and all round goodness for your body.

Each type of nut has its own nutritional benefits – for example, brazil nuts are choc full of the mineral selenium which many of us don’t get enough of here in NZ. Walnuts are known for their omega 3 content (although this is short chain omega 3 which is not associated with the same benefits as the type in oily fish – but that’s another story and another blog post I think…).


I just LOVE seeds for so many reasons. What are seeds? Seeds are to plants what eggs are to chickens – their future generation. In an ideal world, seeds would like to grow into plants one day. Why are seeds so good? Seeds, much like nuts, are packed full of healthy fats and an array of different vitamins and minerals.

Dried fruit

A little goes along way, it adds a little sweetness to the mix, but don’t overdo the amount you have of course as dried fruit is a concentrated source of sugar.

Things to remember

  • Portion size is VITAL here with this snacking mix – look to have around a rounded tablespoon of your mix (about ¼ cup = around 150kcals/600kJ). If you are super active and not watching your waistline, you may be able to have a bit more. Snacking endlessly on nuts and seeds however healthy they are may mean your weight loss goals go out the window so – you have be warned.
  • Make your combo up in bulk and put into small snack size bags or containers. I keep my mixes in jars and then take a little out each day for my snacks. Delicious!

Here are my favourite combos

  • Walnuts + Dried Apricots + pumpkin seeds
  • Raw cashews + dried cranberries + pumpkin seeds
  • Almonds + Figs + sunflower seeds
  • Almonds + Brazils + Goji berries + Raw cocoa beans or cocoa nibs or a little 80% cocoa chocolate for a treat!