Canned fish

Canned fish are great, easy and affordable options for getting our two serves of fish each week. Popular options include canned tuna, salmon and sardines. They provide a good source of omega-3 fatty acids as well as calcium. Plain or ‘lite’ options in springwater are the best as flavoured, in brine (salted water) and oil-based options can add unwanted sodium and extra calories. However, for children if they only like the flavoured option – it’s better than no fish at all!

Calculated on a per 100g comparison



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Tuna in Brine

Energy (CAL):121Cal Energy (kJ):508kJ Sodium:390mg

Regular Flavoured Tuna

Energy (CAL):288Cal Energy (kJ):1210kJ Sodium:410mg

Regular Flavoured Salmon

Energy (CAL):182Cal Energy (kJ):764kJ Sodium:390mg

Sardines in Olive Oil

Energy (CAL):180Cal Energy (kJ):758kJ Sodium:286mg


Tuna in Springwater

Energy (CAL):116Cal Energy (kJ):488kJ Sodium:260mg

Flavoured 'Lite' Tuna in Springwater

Energy (CAL):85Cal Energy (kJ):356kJ Sodium:440mg

Pink Salmon

Energy (CAL):136Cal Energy (kJ):570kJ Sodium:468mg

Sardines in Springwater

Energy (CAL):153Cal Energy (kJ):643kJ Sodium:290mg