Swaps to reduce total calories

The Ministry of Health recommends that the average adult New Zealander consume around 8700kJ/2000 calories a day. However, energy requirements differ from person to person based on age, gender, body composition, life stage and level of physical activity. When we regularly eat more than we need, the excess is stored as fat. So the best thing is to reduce the total amount of calories (energy) in our diets.



Anchor Blue (per 100ml)

Energy (CAL):62Cal Energy (kJ):260kJ Calcium:117.0

No options in this category

Coconut Cream Regular (per 60ml)

Energy (CAL):155Cal

Creamy Caesar Dressing (per 20ml)

Energy (CAL):108Cal

Potato Chips salted (per 40g)

Energy (CAL):210Cal


Anchor Lite (per 100ml)

Energy (CAL):46Cal Energy (kJ):194kJ Calcium:117.0

Cream Cheese original (per 25g)

Energy (CAL):67Cal

No options in this category

No options in this category

Popcorn light butter (per 24g)

Energy (CAL):101Cal


Anchor Trim (per 100ml)

Energy (CAL):37Cal Energy (kJ):156kJ Calcium:133.0

Extra Light Cream Cheese (per 25g)

Energy (CAL):33Cal

Coconut Cream light (per 60ml)

Energy (CAL):52Cal

Light Balsamic Dressing (per 20ml)

Energy (CAL):31Cal

No options in this category