The Ministry of Health recommends that young people and adults choose low/reduced-fat milk and milk products (milk, yoghurt, cheese) to reduce their intake of saturated fat and total energy (kilojoules). Sugar has been added to many yoghurts so although they may be lower in fat, they may contain a lot of sugar and have more energy (kilojoules).

• Energy: Aim for less than 600kJ per pottle (less than 400kJ if watching waistline) and look out for added sugars on ingredients list.



Puhoi Valley Divine Berries (200g pottle)

Energy (CAL):272Cal Energy (kJ):1140kJ Total Fat:14.6g Saturated Fat:9.4g Calcium:340.0

Yoplait Greek Style (125g pottle)

Energy (CAL):139Cal Energy (kJ):584kJ Total Fat:9.4g Saturated Fat:6.1g Calcium:211.0


Fresh n Fruity Strawberry (150g pottle)

Energy (CAL):136Cal Energy (kJ):568kJ Total Fat:3.7g Saturated Fat:2.3g Calcium:319.0

Yoplait Citrus (125g pottle)

Energy (CAL):125Cal Energy (kJ):523kJ Total Fat:3.6g Saturated Fat:2.5g Calcium:158.0


Fresh n Fruity Lite Berry (150g pottle)

Energy (CAL):73Cal Energy (kJ):305kJ Total Fat:0.1g Saturated Fat:0.0g Calcium:318.0

Symbio Natural Unsweetened (150g pottle)

Energy (CAL):68Cal Energy (kJ):284kJ Total Fat:1.5g Saturated Fat:0.9g Calcium:308.0
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