Snack Bars

Highly processed, ready to eat foods often have added fat, sugar and/or salt, are high in refined grains and energy (kilojoules) and contain low levels of naturally occurring dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Calculated on a per serving comparison



Hundreds and Thousands Muesli Bar

Energy (CAL):134Cal Energy (kJ):561kJ Saturated Fat:2.8g Carbohydrate (Sugars):8.8g Dietary Fibre:0.0g

One Square Meal

Energy (CAL):693Cal Energy (kJ):2900kJ Saturated Fat:8.0g Carbohydrate (Sugars):30.0g Dietary Fibre:10.0g


Nutrigrain Bars

Energy (CAL):100Cal Energy (kJ):420kJ Saturated Fat:1.8g Carbohydrate (Sugars):8.8g Dietary Fibre:0.4g

LCMs Split Stix Yoghurty

Energy (CAL):100Cal Energy (kJ):420kJ Saturated Fat:2.5g Carbohydrate (Sugars):7.9g Dietary Fibre:0.1g

Special K Chocolatey Raspberry

Energy (CAL):88Cal Energy (kJ):370kJ Saturated Fat:1.3g Carbohydrate (Sugars):7.0g Dietary Fibre:0.5g


Nice and Natural Supergrain

Energy (CAL):114Cal Energy (kJ):478kJ Saturated Fat:0.5g Carbohydrate (Sugars):7.6g Dietary Fibre:1.5g

Be Natural Trail Bars Sultanas Dates

Energy (CAL):114Cal Energy (kJ):480kJ Saturated Fat:0.5g Carbohydrate (Sugars):5.9g Dietary Fibre:4.0g
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