Corned beef

Corned beef is generally a high fat product – both high in total fat and saturated fat. The better option is to choose the ‘reduced fat’ versions available or make sure you cook off the fat before eating (e.g. boil can in hot water, open can then remove fat layer that sits on top). Focus on total fat, saturated fat.

Calculated on a per 100g comparison



Hellaby's Standard

Energy (CAL):238Cal Energy (kJ):1000kJ Total Fat:17.6g Saturated Fat:9.2g

Salisbury Standard

Energy (CAL):248Cal Energy (kJ):1040kJ Total Fat:18.0g Saturated Fat:8.3g

Pacific Standard

Energy (CAL):274Cal Energy (kJ):1150kJ Total Fat:20.4g Saturated Fat:9.8g


Hellaby's Reduced Fat

Energy (CAL):190Cal Energy (kJ):795kJ Total Fat:10.9g Saturated Fat:5.3g

Salisbury 'Lite'

Energy (CAL):199Cal Energy (kJ):835kJ Total Fat:12.0g Saturated Fat:5.5g


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